4 Key Beauty Trends for 2023 by Trendalytics

#1—New Natural

The New Natural trend is about hydrating formulas, slicked-back hair, minimal makeup, and a fresh color palette that includes Ice Blue, Taupe, and Peach. It’s an “evolved clean” look that means “inclusivity and enhancing what makes us unique,” Trendalytics states.

The ‘New Natural’ trend includes makeup with skincare ingredients, sheer formulas, and “glazed donut skin.” Take a look at the #CleanLook hashtag on TikTok, which has over 93M views.

Trendalytics’ report also mentions several skincare brands that have entered haircare, including Dr. Barbara Sturm, Drunk Elephant, and Sunday Riley.


‘Nocturne’ is a trend direction that “finds beauty in all that happens after dark,” Trendalytics’ report states. It includes “Indie Sleaze”—think grunge, reinvented. HBO’s Euphoria exemplifies this trend and “has successfully created its own aesthetic identity,” states the report.

Colors include deep hues combined with brights “to reflect the dichotomy of glam and grunge,” Trendalytics states. Lime green, onyx, and burgundy are shown.


‘Futura’ is about the metaverse, the unexpected—and holographic finishes. Turquoise, Silver, and Virtual Purple represent a “tech-infused palette,” Trendalytics states, with “digitally-enhanced hues.”

Beauty brands are embracing surrealism and NFTS—what’s next? Virtual makeup.


‘Verano’ is about reconnecting with nature, natural ingredients, and rituals rooted in Latinx culture. Colors are a tropical palette, including terracotta, bright marigold, and deep sage.

‘Beachy’ looks are a part of this trend story—think textured hair, minimal makeup, and sea-inspired smells. Global influences will also be a factor, such as the vibrant markets and street art in India, Madagascar, and Mexico.

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