All applicants must have at a minimum a High School Diploma or GED. A personal interview is required before enrollment. If you are interested in attending the American Beauty Institute, call the admissions office at any time to arrange for an interview.


New Students may enroll at anytime. Classes start at frequent intervals, usually each month. Consult an Admissions Representative for the dates of the next starting class.


Students are expected to be in class for the prescribed n umber of hours for which they have enrolled. All students must be present for at least 85% of offered hours in order to graduate. Continuous absences, which, in the opinion of the faculty and administration, hinder educational objectives and result in unsatisfactory achievement, may lead to termination of the student s enrollment. Absences for acceptable personal or medical reasons will not lead to termination although the students projected date of graduation may have to be revised. Excessive lateness and leaving early will be counted as absences. Keeping good attendance in school will benefit you both in your training and in employment.


Classroom work missed because of an absence can be made up through arrangement with the Director of Education. Make-up work, however, does not remove an absence. Absences exceeding 15 % of instructional hours must be made up in supervised work, documented by faculty, in order for the student to receive credit. Otherwise, his or her graduation date will be ex tended by the number of hours missed. Attendance at make-up sessions will be permanently recorded in an attendance register maintained by the instructor.


A Leave of Absence may be granted if the reason is determined to be valid by school officials. A written request for the leave must be submitted prior to the leave of absence. A leave of absence cannot exceed sixty (60) days. Only one leave of absence may be granted to a student in any 12-month period. All requests for a leave of absence should be addressed to the School Director. Upon return from an approved leave of absence, the student will be evaluated to determine re-entry skill level. This evaluation may result in transfer to another section in order to reestablish that necessary level of skill. It may result in an extension of the student s projected graduation date. There are no additional tuition charges to a student who returns from an approved leave of absence within the prescribed time.

What is the Tuition Reimbursement Fund?

The Tuition Reimbursement Fund is designed to protect the financial interest of students attending proprietary schools. If a school closes while you are in attendance, prior to the completion of your educational program, then you may be eligible for a refund of all tuition expenses, which you have paid. If you drop out of school prior to completion and you file a complaint against the school with the State Education Department, you may be eligible to receive a tuition refund if the State Education Department is able to provide factual sup port that your complaint is valid and to determine that there was a violation of Education Law or the Commissioner’s Regulations as specified is Section 126.17 of the Commissioner’s Regulations. To file a claim to the Tuition Reimbursement Fund, you must first file a complaint with the State Education Department at the New York State Education Department.Excessive lateness and leaving early will be counted as absences. Keeping good attendance in school will benefit you both in your training and in employment.

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