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   Your YES is the first step to that question. American Institute of Beauty (ABI) located at 30 W. 32nd Street 4th Fl. New York, NY 10001 can help you be an esthetician. It is a school of beauty licensed by the New York State Education Department to help you obtain your license in esthetics.

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Send questions at abischoolnyc@gmail.com, or visit https://beautyinstitute.us/ for more details.

   ABI’s orientation alone will give you so much information of your future role, the code of ethics, and New York State laws, rules, and regulations, and other essential facts related to the practice of esthetics. Aside from giving you 600-instructional hour training for you to get the license you needed to practice esthetics, this beauty school in NYC will also train you so you will gain entry level employment in esthetics/skin industry. These objectives are clearly stated in its curriculum. Worry not if English is not your first language because ABI’s Esthetics program is also offered in Korean and Chinese. Language is not a reason so you won’t pursue your desire to becoming a licensed esthetician.

   To better equip you with the essential knowledge on how to be a professional skin care specialist, you will learn and study Bacteriology, Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition. All of these will prepare you to become a licensed health and wellness professional. Since soon you will be concerned about the beautification of customers’ skin, ABI includes chemistry as applied to cosmetics. You will learn the importance of skin care products, creams, oils, scrubs, etc. Additionally, you need to keep abreast with the new technologies and FDA laws applicable to the practice of your profession as licensed esthetician. Not everyone has the chance to promote attractiveness to our society. Thus, think of it as a great opportunity and a responsibility at the same time. Admission to this cosmetology school can be viewed here https://beautyinstitute.us/admission/

Is there science behind skin cleansing and beautification?


  Hence, ABI, as a cosmetology school in NYC, will teach you about skin structure and functions so your customers will look more youthful, glowing, and above all, happy. As student of this beauty school, you will have the chance to learn about the local, state and federal safety codes, clinic safety, first air and HAZMA. Also, you will have a first-hand experience on how to use different machines, electric mittens, booties and face masks. You must have a good grasp of understanding how to help them experience relaxation and rejuvenation to ensure your future customers’ satisfaction. And the surest way to do that is learn facial and body procedures correctly. Not only you will promote beauty, you must also warranty safety on your customers. Agree? To see the entire curriculum in Esthetics, please click this: https://beautyinstitute.us/esthetics/

  American Institute of Beauty will be there for you in every step, in every procedure, and in every practical-based learning activity.

Go get your esthetics license now.

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