Dreaming to be a Cosmetologist?

    If you want to have a career in cosmetology, American Beauty Institute (ABI) located in midtown Manhattan in the center of the Asian district located at 30 West 32nd Street 4th Floor has Hairdressing/Cosmetology program to offer for you. ABI is a cosmetology school in New York City that welcomes everyone. It does not only teach you how beauty treatment should be studied; more importantly, it adheres to its non-discriminatory policy. That’s the best application of beauty treatment—everyone has a chance to feel accepted and apply beauty treatment to someone else.

  So, let us start making that dream into reality. You may call Tel. 212 564 2555/212 564 9300 or send your inquiry at abischoolnyc@gmail.com about its cosmetology program.

“ABI is a beauty school that will help and guide you to have a thorough understanding about Cosmetology State Laws. Language should not be a barrier because at ABI, cosmetology is offered in English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.

Indeed, the word beautiful may have different translations in different languages, but its heartwarming effect once applied correctly is universally appealing!”

     ABI is a cosmetology school with a heart. So, if you are determined to learn the proper way to do facials, massage, and make-up, then ABI is the best cosmetology school suited for you. At ABI, you will learn by doing. You will learn the procedures on shampooing and rinsing, the proper techniques and methods of cutting and shaping hair, and how to apply correct treatment to any scalp and hair-related problems.

   Your future clients will prove to themselves that indeed hair is the crowning glory of everyone. The relevant, practical, and hands-on training that you will have to undergo in your 1000-hour course training will really prepare you to be the best person in cosmetology field. If you are excited to learn various manicuring techniques and gain knowledge on how to do a professional salon pedicure, then enroll now at ABI. It will teach you how beauty should be instituted. That’s exactly the objective of this beauty school in NYC: To train individuals for entry-level employment in the hairdressing/cosmetology industry.

  Building your practical skills will be maximized at ABI because it has only twenty students per class. Maximized learning opportunity and to have in-depth practical knowledge with that 1:20 class size are important factors in teaching-learning process that ABI incorporates to in its program and curriculum. You can be assured that ABI applies proven and effective teaching-learning principles when it comes to the needed core competencies in cosmetology. Enroll at  ABI and get the answer to your questions about hairstyling, permanent waving, and hair straightening and even wiggery. Here is one exciting and beautiful part of this program: Business Management. If you are you thinking about the what’s and how’s of beauty product merchandising and retailing, then ABI’s cosmetology program is the one for you. You will have the technical skills for your future salon business. Indeed, there is money in beauty.

Be a cosmetologist.

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