Nail : The Door of One’s Soul

Wondering what to do with your high school diploma?

Be a nail specialist.

That’s the only prerequisite for you to learn about art tip application and nail design. Once you complete your 250-hour training at American Beauty Institute at 30 W. 32nd Street 4th Fl. New York, NY 10001, you can now shape, beautify, and most importantly, earn as a nail specialist. This cosmetology school in New York can help you not only polish a smile to your friends, relatives, and future customers, but it can prepare you to work and be treated like every professional.

Professional Ethics is the key to that. As a nail technician, it is imperative for you to understand and learn how safety and health should be the top priority in your work. This beauty school will guide you using its module to so you will have all the necessary information and laws that will guide you. Not only that American Beauty Institute is licensed by the New York State Education Department, but its teachers are well-experienced, too. You are in good hands, so place your confidence at this cosmetology school.

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If eyes are the window of our souls, then nails should be the door of our inner most being.Nails say about health and about our condition.

Our nails tell us what’s inside of us. So, you won’t only have the chance to pamper your future customers, but your job may help prevent any fungal infections once you study bacteriology. If you want to be skillful and knowledgeable on how to nail polish and groom it properly, then you also need to learn about nail corrections and repairs.

Don’t get overwhelmed about studying anatomy and physiology. Actually these two will be your guide so you know how every part of our body functions. Whatever infectious diseases, how to recognize them, their classifications that you will learn from this school, you will surely apply in the future. A happy customer won’t only feel that their nails have been prettify, but their well-being is also taken care of. Its entire curriculum can be viewed here:

If you have any clarifications to ask, don’t hesitate to shout an email at, or visit for more details. Whether you are a Korean, Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese, this program is well-suited for you, and American Beauty Institute in NYC is the one for you. After all, caring for our nails should be everybody’s concerned. Your job as a nail specialist encompasses every culture and language.

That’s exciting, right? American Beauty Institute’s objective is for you to be a professional nail technician. Do you want the secret on how to ace job interview? Would you like any help with your resume? Then, it’s time to call Tel. 212 564 2555 / Fax: 212 564 9300.

It’s time to make others’ nails to look pretty, glamorous, and celebrity-like.

Embellish that door!

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