Skilled in adornment

Kosmētikos,” the Greek word from which cosmetology was derived from means skilled in adornment, and when it comes to the proper education and training, you can’t go wrong with the trusted professionals at the American Beauty Institute. With its exquisite salon-type school environment, aspiring cosmetologists can already feel like they’re in the real professional world of the beauty services sector even while still in school.

The beauty institute offers four programs in multiple languages: hairdressing (1,000 hours), esthetics (600 hours), nail specialist (250 hours), waxing specialist (75 hours), and hairdressing/cosmetology practical refresher course (150 hours).

With a minimum prerequisite of either a high school diploma or a General Education Diploma (GED) and flexible payment terms, it’s easy to start your journey as a cosmetology professional right here.

But before you enroll in one of the programs, it’s also important to polish invaluable soft skills to be an efficient cosmetologist such as having people skills, creativity and willingness, a good listener, physical stamina, tidiness, and ability to provide professional advice and solutions to clients. 

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