Why be a professional hairdresser, esthetician, waxing specialist, or nail technician?

If you grew up very fond of styling your hair and other people’s hair, then be a hairdresser/hairstylist which is one of the most popular career choices in the industry; and if you have immense interest in skin beautification, then your choice should be either as an esthetician or a wax specialist in the skincare sector. Some others love changing, coloring, and designing their nails, so being a nail technician is the profession that will give you purpose.

But whatever career path you choose, what’s certain is you’ll get to experience the many joys and rewards of following a career in cosmetology besides channeling your passion—just like employing creativity while at work, getting to meet new people and forging lasting relationships, having flexibility, and providing a variety of services.

Get in touch with American Beauty Institute now via their website, email (abischoolny@gmail.com), or phone (212-564-2555) to inquire about admission requirements and class schedules. Head start your beautiful career journey at the right place with American Beauty Institute!

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