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Skilled in adornment

“Kosmētikos,” the Greek word from which cosmetology was derived from means skilled in adornment, and when it comes to the proper education and training, you can’t go wrong with the trusted professionals at the American Beauty Institute. With its exquisite salon-type school environment, aspiring cosmetologists can already feel like they’reRead More

A versatile field: The different career paths of a cosmetologist

So, for someone with an interest, innate skills, passion, artistry, and unrelenting wonder about all the things the beauty sector has to offer and its opportunities, where does one start when you’ve decided you want to be a cosmetologist? From the multitude career options one can pursue, it can beRead More

Learn the tricks of the trade as a professional cosmetologist at the American Beauty Institute

We see cosmetic goods being a regular part of our daily lives while beauty services render us feeling and looking our best—whether it’s for a special occasion or a simple self-pampering treat. The concept of beauty or making art in beauty has been around for so long that it willRead More

Become a waxing specialist today with the American Beauty Institute

Become a waxing specialist today with the American Beauty Institute. Our waxing program will help you learn the skills needed to start your waxing business! The skills included in this program include professional requirements, safety and health, skin structure, and removal of superfluous hairs! Visit our website today for moreRead More

Learn the most efficient skill sets at American Beauty Institute.

Here at the American Beauty Institute, we offer esthetics programs that will give you the knowledge, and confidence you need to succeed in the workforce! The skills that you will learn in this course include safety and health, bacteriology, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, structure and functions of the skin, facial andRead More

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